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This blog comes out of a journey to discover ways of eating that are healthy, yet don’t cost the earth. As food prices have continued to rise, income has fallen and I’ve become more concerned about the environmental and economic impact of our food choices it’s led me to seek out ways of eating healthily, yet using ingredients that are inexpensive and do not rob someone else of their staple.

I’m really bothered about the effect of poverty on diet, and the options available to people having to feed a family from a low income. Cheap food is often based on low quality ingredients, heavily processed to disguise it’s origins. Yet, there are so many ways of using readily available ingredients and with a little effort to produce a feast for far less than we expect.

So, whether you’re looking for low-cost recipes or some ideas for eating vegetarian I hope you find something useful.  I’m not a full-time blogger, so it will take me a little while to add content – please be patient. If you have something to add- or a link or blog you can recommend then please get in touch.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you will come back soon!


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  1. Victoria Jeffs

    Heard your interview with “Stuff We Love” hosted by David Simmons. Looking forward to trying your recipes. My husband is a vegetarian and I am only occasionally! Thanks!

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